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TYSA Online Registration Program

Welcome to the TYSA online recreational registration.  You may visit this system at any time to make updates to your information that includes changes to your address, email and telephone numbers.  If you registered in person last season, TYSA has already built a profile for your child.  We have also given you a user name and password.  Just log in as a returning player who does not know your user name and password, you should be able to pull up your record with just your child's name and birthdate.   Once you have your user name and password just log into the system as a "RETURNING PLAYER", and do not create a new profile.  If you did not play in the past few seasons, please create a new profile.  If the system does not find a record of your child, go ahead and create a new profile - or contact me and I'll search or the information for you.

To begin the process, please click on the REGISTRATION tab at the top of this page.  Do not begin your registration process by entering your user name and password from this page.  Click REGISTRATION first. 

If you wish to register and come back to pay later, you should do so by entering your user name and password from this page at that later date.  You will then be taken to a page where you may click the words "payment edit", but remember that we do not assign kids to teams who have not paid or made arrangements for a payment plan with Terry Joyner at admin@tysa.com.  

TYSA Refund Policy

Moving Out of Area

If a registered recreational player moves out of the area (35 miles radius from TYSA) and notifies the age group commissioner prior to the formation of teams at the beginning of the season (four weeks before the first game of the season), a refund of the registration fee will be allowed.  The refund payment will be issued at the end of the season and mailed to the new address.


In the event of a serious injury or disabling illness before the first game of the season that prevents a registered player from playing during the season, a refund may be allowed at the discretion of the President.  The refund payment will be issued at the end of the season.

The Capital Improvement Assessment is non-refundable.


All players must wear shin guards.  These may be purchased at any sports or soccer specific store.  You may also find them at Walmart or Target.  In addition to shin guards, players will also need to have a soccer ball specific to their age group.  U6  - U8 players use a size 3 ball; U10 - U12 players use a size ball; and players at the U14 and older ages use a size 5 ball.  TYSA offers size appropriate soccer balls for $10.00 that can be purchased as long as they last at uniform pick up days.

Soccer cleats, though recommended for players at the U8 and older age groups, are not required.  Baseball and football cleats are NEVER permitted due to the contact nature of the sport.

Players should also bring a water bottle with them to all practices.

Practice Information

TopSoccer starts on Sunday, March 18, 2012

U4 (Tiny Tykes) practice on Sundays beginning on March 18th, Mondays beginning March 19th and Wednesdays beginning on March 21st.

U6  players participate in a single one-hour practice each week for nine weeks.  U6 players begin practices the week of March 5th, with the first game on March 10th.

U8 - U12 players practice for 12 weeks, twice a week for one-hour each time. 

U14 and older players typically practice for 12 weeks, twice a week for 90 minutes.

U8 and older players begin practices the week of February 20th with games beginning on March 3rd. All players will hear from their coaches in the week before the start of their season.

Practice Location

Practices for U6's are almost entirely at Henderson Park.

Practices for U8's, U10's and U12's are usually once/week at the park and once/week at a local school.

Practices for U14 - U19 are at either Henderson Park or the Granite Fields two times/week.

Team Placement

TYSA urges you to make your requests and needs known.  Please understand, however, that we must endeavor to make this as enjoyable and equitable an experience as possible.  We therefore do not guarantee placement with friends or carpools when creating teams.  We prioritize practice day requirements first and friendships and carpools second.  While TYSA does not guarantee that your requests will be met, we will do our best to accommodate your needs within reason.

Volunteer Coaching

TYSA's recreational coaches are volunteers.  If you have an interest in coaching, we definitely want to hear from you.

When entering the system to register your child - DO NOT enter by inputting your user name and password in the upper left hand corner.  Please click the "registration" button at the top of the page.

If you wish to modify your profile or you have already registered and now want to pay, log in from this page by entering your user name and password.

TYSA start dates:

U8 - U19:  Practices begin the week of February 20th and games on March 3rd.
U6:  Practices begin the week of March 5th and games on March 10th.
Tiny Tykes begin on Sunday, March 18th.
TopSoccer begins on Sunday, March 18th.

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